Meet the team

Paolo Mussone, M.Sc., Ph.D.

Paolo is the Ovintiv  Applied Research Chair in Energy. He holds degrees in chemical engineering and analytical sciences and has 20 years of experience in industrial innovation, technology commercialization, and research in the fields of applied chemistry, renewable materials, and environmental science.  Paolo leads multidisciplinary and multi-stakeholder projects focused on the emerging circular economy with emphasis on technology development and validation to transform industrial by-products and residual materials into high value chemicals. He also oversees projects in the area of development and field validation of in situ, low-carbon emissions technologies for the remediation of hydrocarbon and salt impacted sites.

Paolo Mussone

Victoria Collins, M.Sc., Ph.D.

Victoria is an industrial microbiologist and holds graduate degrees in land reclamation and remediation. She has 10 years of industrial experience in oil sands microbiology, bioremediation, biogenic greenhouse gas production, environmental sciences, and phytoremediation of industrial waste products. Victoria leads interdisciplinary, multi-centre and inter-institute projects in the fields of remediation and biotechnology with the objective of developing innovative and practical solutions to address complex problems in industry.

Victoria Collins

Kelsey Deutsch, M.Sc.

Kelsey is an industrial surface chemist with 10 years of experience in industrial and analytical research. Kelsey has a master’s degree from the University of Alberta, where she focused on the development and understanding of semiconducting nanomaterials. She has extensive industry and academic experience characterizing complex materials, including natural ores and synthetic nanomaterials.

Kelsey Deutsch

Arantxa Pino Persico, BTech

Arantxa is a chemical technologist with over five years of experience in the synthesis and characterization of chemicals derived from renewable feedstock for applications including environmental remediation, energy applications, food products, and biotechnology. Arantxa has extensive experience in the operation of pre-pilot scale and custom prototype equipment and is an expert in solid-phase chemical characterization.  

Arantxa Pino Persico

Jeremiah Bryksa, B.Sc.

Jeremiah is an applied chemist with nine years of experience in  field and laboratory settings focusing on analytical chemistry. He is proficient in a wide array of chromatography and spectroscopy techniques and various materials characterization,  with experience testing for the oil and gas and environmental science industries,. Prior to NAIT, Jeremiah worked at Intertek Testing Services developing analytical methods, performing petroleum ASTM testing, and managing laboratory QA/QC.

Jeremiah Bryksa

Jonathan Espiritu

Jonathan is a nanotechnologist with four years of laboratory experience in the synthesis and characterization of nano and meso-scale particles using FTIR, UV-VIS, SEM, GC analysis, BET, TGA, Zeta Potential analysis, and particle size analysis. Jonathan has also in-depth knowledge of MS Excel for data analysis.

Jonathan Espiritu

Danish Dar, M.Sc., EIT

Danish is a chemical engineer with five years of experience in process development and engineering design with a focus on reactive distillation systems for fuels. Danish is proficient in the use of process modelling software tools and has specific expertise in reaction engineering applied to the synthesis of renewable fuels.

Danish Dar

Patric McGlashan

Patric is a recent graduate of NAIT’s Chemical Technology program. He has expertise in chemical analysis of environmental samples with emphasis on method development and validation for the extraction and characterization of microplastics from river freshwater and sediments. Patric has also experience in field sampling technique.

Patric McGlashan

Sarah Samuelson

Sarah is a biotechnologist with over 8  years of experience in molecular biology and a strong track-record delivering outcomes in applied research projects. Sarah brings skills in RNA and DNA isolation, cDNA preparation, polymerase chain reaction techniques, culturing cell lines, virus preparations, plaque and PRNT assays, and protein isolation. She also recently operated in a HPTA Clearance Level 3 Facility working on a COVID-19 vaccine development project. Sarah's expertise will be key in developing and evaluating new renewable materials for the remediation of hydrocarbon impacted sites at the lab scale in preparation for field experimentation .

Sarah Samuelson