Our Projects

Electro-optical sensor integration for micro and nano particle detection

In this multi-year collaboration, the centre worked with a small company in need of system integration services to prototype their proprietary and innovative particle detection technology. The centre’s prototype development team moved the client’s core technology from laboratory proof-of-concept model to produce a series of customized instruments ready for field trial in specific industry sectors.

The company is working with the centre on a new project to further advance the core particle detection technology.

Polymer coating for circuit boards

This is a materials characterization project for a product application in electronics manufacturing. Working with the client and researchers in the US, we are developing test beds and characterization protocols to evaluate the performance of several prototype polymer coatings.

Sensor integration for innovative burner technology

A regional start-up needed help integrating a network of sensors into a prototype demonstration system intended to illustrate the industrial benefits of their proprietary burner technology. The centre partnered with an expert in human-machine interface design and development of industrial sensor arrays to complete a prototype for the client.