Our Projects

Oil Sands Extraction

Leader, Andrea Sedgwick,  P.Eng.

We partner with companies to validate their innovative oil sands technologies and to explore new bitumen recovery technologies. The aim of our industry-driven research is to discover important breakthroughs in bitumen recovery, to reduce water usage and energy, to decrease the footprint of oil sands development, and to improve tailings management.

  • Fundamental characterization of ores and froth tailings – to fully understand the impact of innovative technology on each stream in the process and to help optimize the process
  • Validation, optimization and assessment of  innovative technologies for enhanced bitumen recovery
  • Integration of bitumen extraction and tailings management to assess and identify the impact of innovative enhanced bitumen recovery technologies on existing froth treatment processes, tailings technologies, and water treatment, optimizing oil sands development in a cost effective and environmentally friendly manner

Tailings Management

Leader, Dr. Heather Kaminsky, P.Eng.

We partner with companies to reduce the time to adopt new or improved products or solutions to improve the economic and environmental parameters of oil sands tailings management.

  • Fundamental characterization and dynamics of clays and clay/flocculents agglomerations – to develop methodologies and broad understanding of MFT composition and characterizations
  • Optimization, development and assessment – to develop and implement standardized methodologies to support industry’s ongoing improvements to products
  • Tailings characterization and identification technologies – to assess existing and identify new technologies to improve the cost and effectiveness of characterizing clay types and clay/flocculent behaviours

Water Technology

Leader, Andrea Sedgwick, P.Eng.

  • Fundamental characterization and dynamics with OSPW sources – to determine the geochemical and mineralogical signatures of selected OSPW sources and geographies and incorporate into treatment, sampling and operation workflows
  • High temperature membrane optimization and development – to transfer high potential membrane technologies from their current application to oil sands settings
  • Water treatment technology optimization, development and assessment – to assess existing and identify new technologies to improve the cost and effectiveness of managing and treating OSPW.

Measurement and Monitoring Technologies

  • Sensors and instrumentation for rapid measurement or characterization of key operation parameters – to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of oil sands industry operations by developing sensors for rapid characterization of unique oil sands production