Our Projects

Virtual Reality - Machinery Tour

A content heavy VR package was co-developed with partners in Edmonton and Calgary. This application, built with the Unity Game Engine, processed 4K video (shot with a 360 degree camera), and delivered a walkthrough of an "on the site" job experience, to help familiarize remote learners with the equipment they would be using on the job. The team developed a workflow and content pipeline as well as designed and implemented the user experience – a process that once established can now be used by the centre's partner on future projects. Additionally the team gained valuable insight into virtual reality best practices and working with high quality video and audio footage.

Preventing Software Deprecation

The centre has partnered with a couple local software developers to assist them in transitioning their code from older technology (or brittle development pipelines).These projects have involved the team gaining expert level understanding of the original code bases and then applying their experience to assist with modernizing the software.

Future Proofing

To keep current with changing technology, the team is constantly advancing internal prototypes. The team has created Augmented Reality apps using the Vuforia framework for Unity as well as a Machine Learning demonstration project using Google's TensorFlow library. We are currently expanding these prototypes as we determine best practices in regards to working with these technologies.