Motion Capture Studio

Motion Capture Studio Perspective View

The Centre for Innovative Media is opening a 2000 square foot, custom engineered motion and performance capture studio in early 2021, to meet the needs of a wide variety of technical projects.

The studio will capture high fidelity performances involving multiple actors, props and finger tracking. The studio will also assist with motion capture for virtual production and life sciences applications.

Studio equipment includes:

  • High speed motion capture cameras providing a capture area of 11 x 8 x 3 metres
  • A preview camera showing live footage synchronized to motion capture footage
  • A review area with a large screen television and a dedicated capture workstation
  • A 7 metre by 3 metre greenscreen wall
  • Props, prop storage and a variety of suits with markers

The studio space will allow for customization for a wide variety of projects, and the cameras may also be setup at other locations.