Centre for Culinary Innovation

Creating a Sustainable and Healthy Future 

The centre supports the development of new or improved food products, equipment and processes, with a focus on creating tangible value for our industry partners.

Alberta’s $50 billion food industry, which includes primary producers, ingredient manufacturers, food and beverage processors, food service organizations, retailers and equipment suppliers, is a significant contributor to economic activity in the province. Companies in the industry face intense pressure to quickly and effectively develop innovative new concepts and products that meet changing consumer and customer demands.

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Areas of Focus

The centre has four main areas of focus:

• The application of novel ingredients, new techniques
and emerging flavours to create enhanced food

• Nutrition and health – formulation for clean labels,
free-from/low-in/high-in food products and the
development of therapeutic foods

• Sustainability – the use of by-products, alternative
proteins and local foods

• Kitchen efficiency – development and validation of
technologies and processes that support automation
and reduce energy and water consumption

Our Expertise

The process of developing new food products requires sensitivity to, and integration of, many disciplines including consumer insights, health and nutrition, culinary arts, food science, manufacturing systems and marketing. NAIT’s Centre for Culinary Innovation builds on the expertise within the School of Skilled Trades, the School of Applied Sciences and Technology, the School of Health and Life Sciences and the JR Shaw School of Business.

Industry Partnerships

Working in partnership with industry, this centre  plays a
leading role in advancing Alberta’s dynamic food industry.

 NAIT does not retain any commercial interest in intellectual property (IP) developed in partnership with industry during the course of research or prototyping activities. Possession of IP is retained by the industry partner.

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