Our Solutions

We support successful organizations that are the foundation for prosperous and sustainable industries and economies. Our services and solutions include the  adoption of new technologies, product innovation, the introduction of creative ways to think and work, and industry-driven research that solves tangible problems.

Training & Certification

Every great company is committed to training. Our goal is to offer training and certification solutions for your business that are focused on improving productivity, which will ultimately enhance your organization’s competitiveness. More about Training & Certification

Training & Certifications with Industry Solutions

Applied Research

Our expertise can help your business solve problems,  ensuring your products have a viable market and that your intellectual property is secure. Our Centres are aligned with the needs of the economy: we will work with you to move at the speed of your business, helping solve problems that matter to Albertans and to Canada. More about Applied Research

Business Innovation

Productivity is at the heart of what we do. We understand that globally competitive enterprises must embrace business innovation, and we have the expertise and emerging technology to enable that innovation. Our clients will learn the foundations of sustainable productivity through our professional programs, staff and leadership training and productivity coaching. More about Business Innovation

Product Innovation

We work with our partners to imagine, develop and test new products. Our consultation and technical services provide access to leading-edge labs and testing facilities. It is our goal to enable industry to succeed and compete both domestically and globally. More about Product Innovation

Events & Conferences

From meeting spaces to multi-day conferences, our events team will ensure that you’re well taken care of in the state-of-the-art Productivity and Innovation Centre. Rentable workspaces have adaptable size and functionality, ranging from private offices and cafĂ©-style lounges to temporary workstations, which gives you the flexibility to meet all your event needs. More about Conferences & Events