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Cleaning up contaminated land using tools from nature

NAIT researchers are developing a renewable product to help clean up sites contaminated by petroleum products.

Jun. 03, 2021

Solving one of the most complex challenges in oil sands mining

NAIT researchers help industry to develop a solution for managing clay in tailings.

Jun. 01, 2021

How scientists make plant-based foods taste and look more like meat

NAIT explains the science behind trying to build the perfect plant-based meat.

May. 13, 2021

From making wine to managing mine waste, clay is important for many industries

NAIT and its partners are developing an automated, in-field clay analyzer to help speed up the reclamation of tailings ponds.

May. 02, 2021

How scientists are restoring boreal peatlands to help keep carbon in the ground

NAIT explains how mosses play a critical role in the fight against climate change.

Apr. 08, 2021

NAIT receives funding to develop 360-degree training to help First Nations communities reclaim borea

Polytechnic receives $771,638 grant from Future Skills Centre

Apr. 07, 2021

Bugs help vegetation grow on tailings

NAIT applied research centres combine efforts to develop novel ways to remove water from tailings more efficiently.

Mar. 22, 2021

NAIT partners with Schneider Electric to bring energy solutions to Alberta's businesses.

NAIT's Centre for Grid Innovation helps companies develop, test, validate and advance products and training in the distributed energy field.

Mar. 18, 2021

Alberta Partners Advance Plastics Data Project

Alberta Plastics Recycling Association Receives Zero Plastic Waste Funding from the Federal Government

Jan. 21, 2021

NAIT Undertaking First-Of-Its-Kind Microplastics Research

A team of researchers at NAIT are looking to set global standards in freshwater microplastic tracking.

Jan. 12, 2021

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Mar. 23 – Mar. 24 Event

2021 Emergency Management Stakeholder Summit

NAIT’s Centre for Applied Disaster and Emergency Management is proud to host the 2021 Emergency Management Stakeholder Summit.

  • 8:30 AM – 1:00 PM
  • Virtual

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