NAIT Cybersecurity Entrance Award   

Help increase diversity in cybersecurity by donating to create the NAIT Cybersecurity Entrance Award  

16 donors raised $7,000 to support this project.

This project ended on Oct 30, 2023.

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Cyber threats are unique, varied and increasingly complex. To keep up, we need a diverse cybersecurity work force, specifically women who are underrepresented in this field.

“Diversity within the field of cybersecurity is crucial because it brings together individuals from various backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences, which enhances problem-solving, creativity, and innovation, while also improving the industry's ability to address diverse and evolving cybersecurity threats and challenges effectively,”says John Zabiuk, chair, NAIT Cybersecurity Program.

Your help is needed to reduce the barriers to entry for women interested in this field.  

Our goal is to raise $5,000 this October to create five $1,000 awards. If we surpass the goal, more women can be assisted further into the future.

About NAIT’s Cybersecurity post-diploma certificate

Cybersecurity is essential to protecting organizations, networks, applications, and users from a world of online threats. Through NAIT’s Cybersecurity post-diploma certificate, students learn how to employ their unique life-experiences and perspectives to solve real-word problems using cutting-edge technology and strategies.   

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