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NEW: Point-of-Care Ultrasound (POCUS) Program

Elevate your diagnostic skills by training with the latest point-of-care ultrasound technology. Using hands-on labs and didactic training, you can have diagnostic precision at your fingertips!

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  • In-person - All your class activity will be delivered in person, on campus.
  • Online - All your class activity will be delivered online.
  • Hybrid - our classes will be a mixture of in person and online learning. You must be able to come to campus and participate remotely online.
  • Your choice - our program offers a variety of class delivery options (in person, online, or a mixture of both) and you can select which type of classes to take. If you wish, you can complete your entire program either in-person or online.
  • HyFlex - All your classes are delivered for simultaneous participation in person and online. You can choose daily to attend your classes in person or join remotely online.


  • Your choice - You can select class times and days that fit your schedule. There are a variety of class options for you to choose from including daytime, evening, weekdays or weekends.
  • No set time - No set class days or times, content is access on-demand. You can complete your studies on your own schedule within the scheduled class dates; may have set due dates and deadlines.
  • Evenings & Weekends - Classes are scheduled after 5 p.m. on weekdays or anytime on weekends.
  • Weekdays - Daytime - Classes are scheduled on weekdays, before 5 p.m.
  • Weekdays - Evening - Classes are scheduled on weekdays, after 5 p.m.
  • Weekends - Classes are scheduled on Saturdays and Sundays.

BFND600 - Supervisory Development Specialization

Credential: Non Credit Delivery Options: Online, Evening Hours: 0 Fees: $1565

The following core courses required for the Supervisory Development Specialization are offered together as a package which gives you individual credit for each course module completed.

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BFND605 - Effective Leadership Practices

Credential: Non Credit Delivery Options: Online, Day, Evening, Weekend Hours: 16 Fees: $365

Strong leadership inspires success. With the tools you develop in this course, you will be able to apply personal leadership skills to situations impacting today’s organizations.

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BFND615 - Supervisory Self Assessment

Credential: Non Credit Delivery Options: Online, Evening Hours: 16 Fees: $365

Self-evaluation of your supervisory skills can be intimidating, but it is essential in helping you reach your career goals and effectively contribute to your organization’s success.

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BFND620 - Effective Meetings

Credential: Non Credit Delivery Options: Online, Evening, Day Hours: 8 Fees: $205

Time is precious and no one wants to waste time by attending unproductive meetings.

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BFND625 - Team Building Tools

Credential: Non Credit Delivery Options: Online, Evening, Day, Weekend Hours: 16 Fees: $365

Team-building skills are fundamental in all aspects of business and can determine the success or failure of any project. Examine essential team-building elements such as team structures and roles.

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BFND630 - Conflict Management

Credential: Non Credit Hours: 8 Fees: $TBD

Conflicts are a common occurrence in the workplace, knowing how to resolve them is essential to success in business and life.

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BFND635 - Strategies for Managing Change

Credential: Non Credit Delivery Options: Online, Evening, Day, Weekend Hours: 14 Fees: $365

Why is it necessary to take a deliberate approach to managing change, and what is change management? The process of monitoring and leading or assisting change at any level is referred to as...

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BFND640 - Quality Customer Engagement

Credential: Non Credit Hours: 16 Fees: $TBD

Customer relationships are the key to organizational profitability and growth in any company.

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BFND650 - Operational Excellence Principles

Credential: Non Credit Delivery Options: Online, Day, Weekend Hours: 16 Fees: $365

Leaders must have a thorough understanding of operational processes in order to ensure the highest levels of quality in products and services.

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BFND655 - Strategic Planning

Credential: Non Credit Delivery Options: Online, Evening, Day Hours: 7 Fees: $205

If you and your colleagues don’t understand where the company is going, everyone may develop their own priorities and prevent you from getting where you need to be.

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BUSF870 - Business Foundations

Credential: Non Credit Delivery Options: Online Hours: 0 Fees: $2230


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CABM108 - Table Saw

Credential: Non Credit Hours: 12 Fees: $TBD

Discover the full potential of working with a table saw. Examine its standard features and safe operation practices.

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CABM112 - Veneering

Credential: Non Credit Hours: 21 Fees: $TBD

Discover the decorative and creative art of veneering. Explore types of veneers, adhesives, and the many applications for veneering.

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CABM116 - Introduction to Router

Credential: Non Credit Hours: 12 Fees: $TBD

Explore the uses of one of the most versatile power tools – the router! Learn how to use a router to round over and chamfer edges of a board and create accurate mortises, tenons, dadoes, and...

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CABM120 - Intro to Marquetry

Credential: Non Credit Hours: 18 Fees: $TBD

This course is an ideal introduction to the art of marquetry and inlay; embellishing with decorative patterns cut from veneers of different colours and values.

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